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Solo Site Designs
Web Design Studio
We dream, explore, create, and craft progressive digital experiences

Work & Clients

We design great websites and all sorts of interactive products from start to finish 


What We Do

At Solo Site Designs we create, update, and maintain websites from the ground up. Have an idea for a site? We'll help you flesh it out and provide some mockups for inspiration!


We serve our local communities and work closely with our clients, large and small, to create custom online solutions. We specialize in non-profit organizations, local government organizations, and mom-and-pop shops, salons, and restaurants.


We provide features such as donation processing, event organization and ticket sales, subscription services, online sales ordering, and marketing materials.

Meet The Folks:


Founder & Developer

I'm a proud military spouse pursing a second degree, and web design is my passion! My degree is from the University of Virginia in English Language and Literature, and then I did a prompt gear switch to pursue nearly 10 years in IT project management, mostly with the Department of Defense.

I got my start in web design when a local military history museum needed a website to promote their exhibits and events, and a love was born! Since then I've worked closely with multiple charity organizations and beyond to create individual web solutions to promote tourism in the community!

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