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Are you ready to revamp your current website,
or create a new one altogether?


At Solo Site Designs we create, update, and maintain websites from the ground up. Have an idea for a site? We'll help you flesh it out and provide some mockups for inspiration! All content is completely customizable! We can use whatever layouts, colors, fonts, images you like.

We serve our local communities and work closely with our clients, large and small, to create custom online solutions. We specialize in non-profit organizations, local government organizations, and mom-and-pop shops, salons, and restaurants.

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See the Mockups We Designed For You!

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Features You May Appreciate

Tell the community about yourselves. Show your clients what services you offer, send inquiries online, provide a means of contact, and share exactly where you are with an interactive map.

Why Choose Solo Site Designs?
Price Estimate?

We offer a variety of price options based on the features needed! Plus, we're flexible!


In general, features like payment processing will have an added cost to be discussed based on need, but what's generally included in our pricing is:

  • 1 year of website design, development, and maintenance

  • 1 domain name of your choice

  • All hosting service fees

Typically after a one-year contract we offer an option for maintaining web maintenance services on a yearly basis (around $400-600 per year depending on level of effort) OR the option not to renew the contract, at which point all ownership of the site, service, domain, etc. would be transferred to someone else in your organization.

Our Estimate to Develop Your Project
(similar to the one you see in the mockup) is:

Initial fee for design, development, and maintenance (1 year) waived.

Option of $500 annual maintenance renewal.

Ready to Talk Options?