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Talladega Masonic Lodge



Here are 6 mockups that may work for you. All are completely customizable in terms of what content you put on there like images or text, colors, fonts, etc. I'm happy to make any changes you like.


Can you confirm the quantity you need? I know we threw the number 200 around briefly, but here are some other price options. The delivery date will be 2 days after the order is placed, so it's an extremely fast turnaround.

This pricing is good through Jan 7, and after that I may have to give you an updated quote depending on which discounts I can apply after that date. I can also do 1 extra large poster (20x30") for $20. This might be a good size to put on your door outside for the day if you don't feel the smaller flyers are visible from a difference.

You may notice that these prices are much less than you might find elsewhere; I'm happy to do this design work free of charge because it's a great cause, and I'd like to get to know your organization better (do you need a website?), and instead just collect payment for the cost of printing, for which I can usually get at a significant discount. I love a good cause that positively impacts the local community.

Design 1

Design 4

Design 2

Design 5

Design 3

Design 6

6 - Masonic Pancake Breakfast 20230105_Proof03.png
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